Board of Directors

A unique and diverse approach to housing requires expertise and creative talent to address our community’s barriers to ending homelessness

Charlie C. Albanese, LMSW, MBA

CEO and President

Co-Founder of PCHO. Chuck is invested in merging health care and housing. His 25+ years in health care and business guides PCHO’s long term strategies to end chronic homelessness.

Thomas FinK, Esq.

Board Chair

Retired Lawyer at Davidson | Fink Attorneys at Law. Mr. Fink has served as a board member since the founding of PCHO and has been an inspiring and motivating member since its inception.

Nicholas J. Coulter

CDO and Executive Vice President

Co-Founder of PCHO. Nick finds his passion in social justice, providing the tools for each of staff member to empower the lives they touch, and educating and enlisting allies in Housing First.

Josh Jinks


Mr. Jinks brings a wealth of expertise in the non-profit data management and collection as well as skilled observation of finances to provide excellent oversight of our audit and finance committee making him an excellent choice for our treasurer. 

Toni Rotondo Zeiser


Mrs. Zeiser, an expert in the field of Human Resources/ Employee Engagement and non-profit org. management.  Her relationships in healthcare, and community activities provides a background to assist PCHO in maintaining internal equity and external competitiveness for our current and future employees.

Allen HandelMan

Board Member

Vice President – Park Grove Realty:  Mr. Handelman is developer of affordable housing and a licensed real estate broker.He brings  a wealth of expertise in construction, site acquisition, and housing programs, providing PCHO with unique opportunities in housing.

Jason Curtis

Board Member

J. Curtis Wealth Advisory Group. Mr. Curtis lends his expertise in wealth management and development to PCHO through our finance team and serves as a key role is guiding the organization as we provide key benefits to staff.

Joe Hanna

Board Member

Hanna Property Management. Mr. Hanna has over 300+ units across the City of Rochester. Leader of the Southeast Landlord Association and key member of our fundraising team, Mr. Hanna is a talented and driven member of the PCHO board.

Bartholomew Chacchia

Board Member

Harris Beach. Mr. Chacchia, respected in the area of non-profit and business law has been a long time PCHO board member working to uphold policies, guiding our decisions as we expand into housing development and holds the belief that the work we do improves the lives of our community.

Margy Meath

Board Member

SUNY Brockport. Ms. Meath holds an expertise in social work education and consultation especially in the area of Person Centered Planning and Critical Time Intervention. Ms. Meath is an educator and is invested in our staff well-being and development at PCHO.

Lashara Evans

Board Member

Brighton School District.  Principal Evans comes from a long line of Homeless Advocates and believes in the human rights and housing rights of our most vulnerable in the community. She is on our Fundraising team and brings a creative edge that PCHO needs in this community.

Eddie Blanding

Board Member

Rochester City School District.  Mr. Blanding brings an experise in the peer experience, photography, an attention to the homeless community and how this experience informs how we educate our students and work with them to develop solutions. 

Michael Loete

Board Member

United Healthcare. More to come…

Jean Carrol

Board Member

 More to come…

Roberto Bergos

Board Member

More to come…