Our Programs

Street Outreach

Homeless outreach involves finding and engaging visibly homeless people living on the street. Our teams work with individuals  experiencing homelessness who may be detached and alienated from the support services they deserve. Outreach Specialist  help establish relationships with those living on the streets and partner with them though the process of obtaining  supportive services and permanent housing. PCHO street outreach serves about 300 households annually, with a 70% success rate in getting folks housed. 

Home Health Care management

PCHO combines Housing and Healthcare for our household. We work to  enhances the health and well-being of the whole person and provides our families  opportunities for growth. HHCM is funded through Medicaid, our  Care Managers specialize in housing and connectivity to the Healthcare system, providing easier access to healthcare for our community’s most vulnerable population.

Permanent Supportive Housing

The Housing First Model is an evidence-based housing model that brings people indoors before they begin work on the most challenging parts of their lives. The success rate nationally shows 80% retain housing, while PCHO shows 94% success in retaining people in our housing programs. PCHO prides itself on putting the Housing First philosophy into practice with each and every of the household we serve.

At this time, there are more than 1,200 permanent housing units in Rochester and Monroe County that are specifically dedicated to help meet the needs of people who become homeless.


Rapid ReHousing

Rapid Rehousing is a HUD best-practice model designed to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness to quickly move into permanent housing. Our Rapid Rehousing program provides short-term financial support, as well as moderate case management in order to ensure a successful transition to stable housing. Rapid Rehousing is best equipped for those who simply need a helping hand in getting back on their feet.

Peer Recovery Support Program

Our certified Peer Specialists are individuals who use  their own life experiences of substantial abuse and/or mental health challenges to provide recovery support for our clients.  Our Peer Sepcialist promote recovery, enhance hope and social networking through role modeling, and aid in system navigation.

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