Homeless Outreach

Not everyone who is homeless has easy access to housing. It can take weeks or months to engage someone in housing and a move from the street. But when an individual is ready, so are we.

PCHO’s Homeless Outreach Team is the only housing focused street outreach team in Rochester.

Street outreach involves finding and engaging visibly homeless people who may be detached or alienated from the resources and support services they need and deserve. Most do not want to live in shelters and/or may be dealing with substance use issues or behavioral health challenges that make them ineligible for shelter. 

PCHO’s skilled Homeless Outreach Engagement Specialists, many of whom are licensed social workers, establish relationships with these individuals and guide them toward permanent housing and the support services they need.

 Every day, PCHO’s Homeless Outreach Team engages with between 35 and 50 street homeless Rochesterians – connecting them to social supports.

Peace Village is a City of Rochester-sanctioned homeless encampment overseen by PCHO and other like-minded nonprofit entities. With support from The City of Rochester, PCHO’s Homeless Outreach Team provides expanded services and oversees the development of modest facilities offered to those using the encampment.

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Peace Village

Street Homelessness should never be a crime  and those experiencing homelessness should have a safe place to reside while we provide opportunities to access housing, health care, and supportive services. 

Peace Village, created in 2018, is a local homeless community in Rochester NY that is supported by Peace Village Inc., PCHO, the City of Rochester, and City Roots Land Trust as well as a diverse board of community members that all believe that if you are experiencing homelessness, you should have a safe outdoor space to reside and while community organizations and neighbors provide opportunities to access housing, health care, and supportive services. 

PCHO provides outreach to Peace Village daily, and partners with St. Peter’s and Paul’s Kitchen to provide food. 

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at 585-736-HOME.