Our Teams


Founded in 2015, PCHO is guided by leadership team dedicated to the Housing First model. The administration team’s skillset that acknowledges the interconnectedness between housing and healthcare.


Our team of housing specialists have tools at their disposal to compassionately connect the housing insecure with a home.  We work side by side with our clients to gain understanding of their choices and needs.  Mission aligned partner agencies help us to meet those needs and bring people to a hopeful and safe home.

Homeless Outreach

Meet the only housing focused street outreach team in Rochester!  Many of our specialists are licensed social workers experienced at establishing trusting relationships that enable them to guide individuals towards permanent housing and much-needed support services.

Health Home Care Management

Our Health Home Care Management team partners with clients to ensure they receive all that they need to stay healthy and out of the hospital. Together, we serve almost 200 individuals every month to ensure access to: healthy food, social supports that promote wellness, transportation to care and more!

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