Chuck Albanese
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Charlie (Chuck) Albanese is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Person Centered Housing Options (PCHO). Prior to May 2022, he held the role of CFO, overseeing the Finance and Human Resources Departments at PCHO. Chuck along with co-founder Nick Coulter, founded Person Centered Housing Options (PCHO) in 2015.

Prior to co-founding PCHO, Chuck spent 20 years working in the health care sector as the Director of Community Services at Unity Health System (2010-2015) overseeing the Health Reach, Health Care for the Homeless Program as well as Unity’s Employee Home Ownership Program. Previous to this, he held the position of Manager within the Patient Financial Services Department at Unity Health System from 2004-2010. He joined Park Ridge Hospital Social Work department, the predecessor to Unity Health System, in 1994. Chuck received his bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Nazareth College in 1994, his master’s degree in Social Work from Syracuse University in 1997 and his MBA from the University of Rochester’s SIMON Graduate School of Business in 2015.

He is a Licensed Master Social Worker. During his tenure at Unity he was an active member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) from 2005-2015. He was also an active member of Rochester’s Homeless Services Network (HSN), being appointed to the Steering Committee as the Treasurer.


Nicholas Coulter
Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer

A 2001 graduate of the School of the Arts, Nick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Philosophy from SUNY Buffalo State (2005) and a Master’s in Social Work from Nazareth College and SUNY Brockport (2011).

Raised in the tenth ward of Rochester in a single-parent household facing mental health challenges, domestic violence, and poverty, Nick’s personal journey fuels his commitment to equality, diversity, and community care. With a deep understanding of homelessness challenges, Nick leverages his extensive background in homeless outreach, community engagement, non-profit partnerships, and training to advocate for housing as a fundamental human right.

Nick is dedicated to fostering systemic change, creating enduring partnerships, and empowering participants with the skills needed for effective implementation of Housing First. His approach, rooted in compassion and cultural sensitivity, emphasizes client-centered care, trauma-informed practices, and collaboration, contributing to sustainable pathways out of homelessness and enhancing the skills of housing advocates and teams. Through his work, Nick advances PCHO Inc.’s mission to address, prevent, and alleviate chronic homelessness in Monroe County and surrounding communities.


Jeanell Coleman-Grimes
Chief Program Officer

Jeanell has spent more than 20 years in the nonprofit field, including working for state programs such as OPWDD, OMH, and OASAS. She has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Public Administration and is a NYS Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. “I love PCHO’s mission and purpose. The concept of Housing First helps to address other co-morbidities that often are prioritized before housing.” Jeanell won Rochester’s Frederick Douglass Oratorical Contest with a rendition of the Langston Hughes speech, “Let America Be America Again.”

Lisa Hargrave

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from SUNY Fredonia and is a Certified Public Accountant. She values her fellow employees’ commitment to PCHO’s programs. She loves to travel and has visited 11 states and 11 countries.


Victoria Medina-Janko
HUD Accounting Specialist 

Victoria has a Bachelors from St. John Fisher, and is also certified as an EMT. She enjoys the challenge of using numbers to tell a story and convey and idea. “I look forward to the data visualization work with the team to accomplish our mission together.” In her spare time, Victoria loves staying active with her dog.

Donna McMillan
Human Resources Manager

Donna joined PCHO in 2018 as a Human Resource & Finance Coordinator and became manager later that year. She previously worked in healthcare for 15 years and for the Department of Social Services for four years. “I enjoy my role at PCHO and it’s been exciting to see how much the organization has grown over the years.” Donna is “a bit obsessed” with squirrels, which she says are beautiful, intelligent, underappreciated, and misunderstood. She enjoys feeding them and just watching their “silly behaviors” every day.

Martha Spiegel
Administrative Assistant

Martha has a bachelor’s degree in English and more than two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector. She is proud to work in a mission-driven environment where she serves as an example for her grandchildren, “the 8 most amazing children in the world.” “I have always enjoyed working at places that have a mission I can be proud of. PCHO definitely is one of those places.”

Homeless Outreach Team

Erica D’Ambrosio
Senior Homeless Outreach & Engagement Specialist 

Erica graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work  and was an intern at Booth Havens Men’s Shelter for five months before joining PCHO. “I am passionate about working with underprivileged individuals who typically get treated poorly. I believe housing is a right for every individual.” Erica rescued and adopted a kitten during outreach.

Samantha Lindsey
Homeless Outreach & Engagement Coordinator – Peace Village 

Samantha has an MS in Rehabilitation Counselling from University of Buffalo, as well as a national CRC certification. She has spent the past 5 years working in various behavioral health positions, primarily in substance use counseling as well as home and community based psychiatric services. “There is an overwhelming amount of crossover between the SUD and unhoused populations. Throughout my years of experience with the former, I’ve found that recovery is infinitely more difficult when an individual is in survival mode and primarily concerned with where they will be sleeping.” This drives her enthusiasm for PCHO’s Housing First model. When it’s time to relax and have fun, Samantha loves all things spooky–scary movies, haunted houses, and of course, Halloween.

Calvin Barnes
Peer Housing Advocate

Calvin worked at the Salvation Army men’s shelter for 21 years and at Rochester Regional Healthcare for 17 years. Calvin loves helping people who are struggling with life and believes that helping those who are homeless is his blessing. “I know what’s it like to have nothing and to be homeless. Helping people get back their lives is my calling and I could not have done it without having the Lord in my life.” Calvin loves fruit and he overcame lung cancer 16 years ago.

Stephen Rosa
Homeless Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Along with a degree in Sociology from Canisus College, Stephen comes to PCHO with lived experience that helps him connect with clients. He is passionate about treating everyone with respect and dignity, and is dedicated. to engaging clients where they are while following the Housing First Model. Stephen is married and has 3 adult children. He also serves on the board of Recovery All Ways (RAW).

Jamil Porter
Homeless Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Jamil has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Temple University and is a retired professional football player.  His past experience includes being a Behavioral Specialist at Exploration Charter School.  “I’m grateful to be able to help the homeless population, provide emergency services, and advocate for people in less fortunate situations.” Jamil is a sneaker collector.


Diana Simpatico
Homeless Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Diana has a degree in Organizational Development with a focus on Emotional Intelligence. She has worked with nonprofit advocacy organizations for 20 years, and is passionate about community engagement. She was attracted to PCHO because of its person-centered focus. In the summertime, Diana loves dancing in the rain!


Health Home

Care Team

Lolita Mosley
Health Home Program Manager

Lolita has more than 20 years of experience in human services.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Keuka College and has an associate degree in Human Services from Monroe Community College. “I am passionate about helping people in my community overcome obstacles and providing as much knowledge and resources as I can to them.” Lolita loves to travel around the world and explore the goodness God created.

Taeylor Vicente
Sr. Health Home Care Manager

Taeylor has an Associate’s degree in Human Services from MCC, and both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from Nazareth College. “I love being able to help make a difference in people’s lives whether that’s getting them connected to proper medical care or finding housing.” When she has time off, Taeylor and her husband enjoy traveling, and try to visit a new country every year.


Essence Garner
Health Home Care Manager

Essence started working at PCHO in 2020 in the ERAP program. She has an associate degree in Criminal Justice from Roberts Wesleyan College and has worked in residential programs for 15 years, supporting families and children struggling within the home or in the community. She loves roller skating and ice skating and enjoys seeing her clients housed and achieving their goals. “I absolutely love PCHO’s supportive work environment.” 

Shatara Wilson
Health Home Care Manager

Shatara has a BS from Mount Ida College in Newton, MA and has spent over 20 years working in the human service field (15 years in management) and with non-profit agencies, with clients of all ages. “I love working and supporting people in our community while giving them a sense of safety, pride, and value. Whether it’s through housing, medical, mental health, or behavioral health. My everyday goal is to try to be the person that I would want to serve myself or my children, with patience, dignity, and respect.” In her spare time, Shatara loves cooking and being with her friends and family. 


Vanessa Ortiz
Health Home Care Manager

Vanessa brings over 20 years of experience in the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency field to PCHO. She loves having the opportunity to work directly with members of the community, allowing them to be open and honest without fear of judgement. Vanessa also teaches Zumba classes, and enjoys motivating people to move, dance, and have fun!

Dekovas Finley
Health Home Care Manager

Dekovas has a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, with a minor in Psychology. Before coming to PCHO, he worked at the YWCA, CPS, and Bivona CAC. “I am very passionate about helping others and using my connections and resources to improve the environment around me.” When the weather is right, Dekovas also loves to ice skate!

Cynthia O’Neill
Health Home Plus Care Manager

Cynthia attended Genesee Community College and Roberts Wesleyan College, earning a BSW. She came to PCHO to be able to “work with people with immediate, dire needs.” Cynthia also loves cleaning and organizing, and frequently plans family events.

Housing Team

Sherilyn DiRoma
Acting Housing Manager

Sherilyn came to PCHO with an educational background in human services and a passion for working with underserved populations. From her own experiences, she recognizes barriers that impact people’s quality of life and is dedicated to helping people and giving back to the community. She loves to foster animals until they find their forever homes.

Keshawn Gulley
Housing Stability Coordinator

Shawn has a bachelor’s degree in Business Leadership from Johnson and Wells University. “My gift is assisting people with housing and community resources.” Shawn enjoys singing in the rain!

Joyce Lampman
Housing Stability Coordinator 

Joyce has 25 years of experience in the human services field. She has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Brockport and is passionate about empowering those who feel they do not have a voice or purpose. “I love to put a smile on people’s faces no matter where I am.”

Ellizay Morales 
Housing Stability Coordinator

Ellizay received her bachelor’s of science degree in Social Work from SUNY Fredonia. As an intern, she assisted in the Triage Department at the Center for Youth and also helped with one-on-one and group case management. “I really enjoy advocating for people and helping them find ways to overcome challenges in their lives.” 

Brandi Redd
Housing Stability Coordinator

Brandi has an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and 4 years previous experience as a Housing Specialist. She believes “ everyone has a right to affordable housing regardless of any mental and physical disability.” Her hobby is refurbishing old furniture.

Cassandra Glass
Peer Housing Advocate

As a person with lived experience, Cassandra brings a great deal of empathy to her job as a Peer Housing Advocate.  She was drawn to PCHO because of their commitment to compassion, being nonjudgemental regardless of a client’s circumstances, and dedication to meeting people’s needs. Cassandra is serious about her work, but she has a fun side too: she enjoys watching football and telling jokes, thought the jury is still out on whether her jokes are funny!

Seth Vadney
Housing Stability Coordinator

Seth has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Nazareth College. He was an intern at PCHO, joined the staff full-time after he graduated, and is now working part time as he works on his MSW, also at Nazareth. Seth participates in a Monopoly league with friends. “I like to help people navigate this tricky world we live in. Sometimes you just need an unbiased ear in your corner.”

Stephanie Forrester
Peer Housing Advocate

Stephanie has personal lived experience with homelessness, substance use disorder, and mental health struggles. She has been living in recovery since October 9, 2016, and has made it her mission to support community members on their own journeys toward finding the pathways that work best for them. “My experiences fuel my passion for those facing stigmas while finding their way out of homelessness and its connected issues.” Stephanie was a “carni” for two years and traveled up and down the East Coast running midway games at fairs and carnivals.

Natoya Grant
Housing Stability Coordinator

Natoya has several years experience in the social service field, an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor’s degree in progress. Natoya was drawn to PCHO’s compassion and empathy for, and their commitment to, the homeless community.  Her interests include traveling and learning about new cultures.

Tatiana Coulter 
Housing Stability Coordinator

Tatiana worked as a Human Resources Specialist and Director Assistant at Russia’s Novgorod Center of Family for one year before joining the Methodological Center of Social Work Innovations of Novgorod State Social Welfare as Specialist of Social Work Development and Innovative Technologies. She moved to the US in 2013 and has worked at PCHO since 2020. “I like to see my clients housed and achieving their goals and I absolutely love PCHO’s supportive work environment.” Tatiana enjoys playing board games with family and friends.

Adrien Council 
Housing Stability Coordinator

Adrien has an associates degree in Human Services, and has always wanted to work with the homeless population. When asked what a fun fact is about her, Adrien said, “I love food!”

Christopher Teller
Housing Specialist

Chris transitioned from a career in retail management to social work when he joined PCHO in 2022. Reflecing on that change, Chris says, “Knowing that the work I do has the ability to profoundly impact someone’s life, and potentially change it for the better…that is what makes this job worth it. Hearing from clients about how PCHO has helped them gain control of their life again is a fulfilling experience.” On weekends, Chris enjoys taking trips on his motorcycle.

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Chuck Albanese – President
Nicholas Coulter – Executive Vice President
Allen Handelman – Chair
Roberto Burgos – Vice Chair
Rachel Robbins – Secretary
Mike Loete – Treasurer

Jean Carroll
Jason Curtis
LaShara Evans
Joe Hanna

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