Permanent Supportive Housing

Housing First is not housing only

Permanent Supportive Housing, or PSH, provides rental assistance and supportive services to households struggling to achieve housing stability.  These services vary based on location and need, but are an essential element to building self-sufficiency.

PCHO, in collaboration with other like-minded nonprofit partners, make a number of PSH referrals – engaging with provision of supportive services. 

PCHO provides two types of Permanent Supportive Housing: scattered-site and site-based.

Scattered-Site Housing

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Site-Based Housing

In partnership with Rochester real estate developer, Home Leasing, PCHO is eager for the opening of Cecilia’s Place – a permanent supportive housing project that will include 15 units of permanent rental housing for formerly homeless people.  This project is the rehabilitation of the historic Polvino Building on Central Park and is largely funded by New York State’s Homeless Housing and Assistance program.

Cecilia’s Place residents will have access to: 

  • community space for group activities and counseling, 
  • 24-hour supervision, 
  • case managers to connect residents to basic needs, job opportunities and health care supports; and
  • support with grocery shopping, housekeeping. 

Cecilia’s Place is scheduled to open in January 2024. Interested to learn more and celebrate at our grand opening?  Click Here.

Also in development:

  • Flower City Apartments: 35 units through through a partnership with Home Leasing