Low-income senior living communities are becoming popular places for unhoused people looking for warm spots to sleep.  A few weeks ago, News10NBC reported on concerns among residents at Eastman Gardens along East Main Street in Rochester who continue to find unhoused people sleeping in vestibules and community couches in their building. 

Residents of St. Bernard’s Park along Lake Avenue say they’ve been dealing with the same thing and over the weekend, things turned dangerous. 

Around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, Deborah Alexander went outside at her apartment at St. Bernard’s Park to smoke a cigarette. “I walked out the door and there was someone standing at the door; it was a homeless man, I could tell he had a bag right next to him and he was right at the front of the door,” she tells News10NBC. “I couldn’t get by him, so I started talking with him and then everything turned really dark — he started talking about the devil, starting talking about the devil’s sword and all this stuff, and he reached in his pocket and he pulled out a 6-inch knife.” Learn more